President’s Message

ASAHI PRODUCTION aims to deliver dreams and hope to the audience through the production of animation.
Since its establishment, ASAHI PRODUCTION has accumulated experience in the industry by offering filming services for commercial movies and company promotional movies.
The company has overcome many challenges over 40 years.
We greatly appreciate the support from all of our clients and dedication from all our staff members.
Our mission is to bring entertainment to all.
To achieve this goal, we will strengthen our planning and production skills for TV animation and animated feature films through our experiences.
Finally, I intend ASAHI PRODUCTION to continue as a rewarding work environment for every employee to produce the best for our clients.

President Muneharu Yamaura
Asahi Production Co., Ltd.

Company Infomation
Company Name Asahi Production Co., Ltd.
[Head office] 2-2-10 Sekimachikita, Nerima-ku,
Tokyo, 177-0051, Japan [MAP]
[Miyagi-Shiroishi studio] Shiroishi-Shi information center, 37-3, Watarichou, Shiroishi-shi,
Miyagi, 989-0257, Japan
Tel: 81-224-22-1281

TEL: +81-3-5927-5133
(English, Japanese, Korean and Chinese are available.)

■Business partnership
We seek to establish business partnership with Japanese and overseas companies from various fields.
Through the affiliation, we hope to generate synergy and build success together.

[Examples of Business partnership]
-Planning of new Japanese style products or contents.
-Partnership cooperation on idea, design or scenario
-Partnership cooperation on technology offering and supporting each other’s projects.
-Introduction of Japanese pop culture to overseas such as Miku Miku Dance, VOCALOID and 3D virtual idol’s LIVE technology which were well known with HATSUNE MIKU and other virtual characters.
-Partnership cooperation for contents production including for digital signage.

Please contact us for more information regarding partnership with Asahi Production.

Establishment 1st June, 1973
Capital JPY 61,600,000
Employees 102 (as of March 2012)
Business Planning, production and photography of animations and CGI videos
Planning and production of commercial films, TV programs, movies, enterprise promotional films and websites
President Muneharu Yamaura
Partner companies Wuxi Asahi animation production Co., Ltd.
June, 1973 ASAHI PRODUCTION was established with a starting capital of 10 million YEN in Nihonbashi, Cyuuou-Ku, Tokyo, Japan for business of production of TV_CF and filming and composing of TV animation programs and animation movies.
August, 1985 The capital was increased to 20 million YEN.
September, 1997 The capital was increased to 61.6 million YEN. With its business growing, a digital studio was newly opened in Harajuku, Sibuya-Ku, Tokyo, Japan.
October, 1999 The head office was moved to Koenji, Suginami-Ku, Tokyo, Japan and some parts of digital studio features were integrated into the head office.
August, 2001 The head office was moved to Ogikubo, Suginami-Ku, Tokyo, Japan and entire digital studio features were integrated into the head office.
August, 2006 The head office was moved to Sekimachi, Nerima-Ku, Tokyo, Japan and the head office, the digital studio and the production department were integrated completely in a place.
April, 2010 The digital drawing studio was opened in Shiroishi-Shi, Miyagi-Ken, Japan.